svs-logoLocated in the harbour of Ghent, PVS Chemicals Belgium NV is part of the US-based PVS Chemicals Group. PVS Chemicals Belgium specialises in sulphur-based chemistry with a focus on ultra high purity, added-value solutions. With 40 employees and annual sales of 20 to 25 million EUR, PVS Chemicals Belgium is a small but successful player in the European sulphuric acid market. The company’s size allows PVS Chemicals Belgium to be highly adaptable to individual customer demands and gives them the ability to transform sulphur into customised products to meet these demands.

PVS Chemicals Belgium NV is ISO 9001 certified.  The site is also classified as a low tier SEVESO establishment, which means it is involved in an activity linked to handling, manufacturing, using or storing dangerous substances.  More information on SEVESO can be found here.