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We are proud to be a leading global provider of basic and speciality chemicals for a variety of markets. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with reliable process equipment and experienced staff to produce chemistry for daily life in a safe and sustainable manner. And our distribution groups have solid technical expertise and industry awareness to source and deliver the right product solutions for your most challenging needs.



Sulphuric acid is used in the electronic industry for high end applications such as the manufacture of printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, microchips and photovoltaic cells. Electronic grade sulfuric acid find applications in cleaning and etching of semiconductors and PCBs.


Sulphuric acid has a wide range of application in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used as a solvent for the chemical synthesis of a variety of chemical substances including active pharmaceutical ingredients. Alkylating agents, which are commonly used in the chemotherapy is one type of active pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured by using sulphuric acid.


Water Treatment

PVS Chemicals Belgium takes pride in providing quality products and technical support for the treatment of the most valuable resource on the planet, water. Sulphuric acid is widely used in water treatment. Sodium bisulphate, which is a derivative of sulphuric acid, is used as a pH regulator in swimming pool applications.

Food & Agriculture

Many of the products manufactured by PVS Chemicals Belgium are used in the food and feed industry, as well as for drinking water applications. our food grades are in compliance with the purity criteria as defined by the Commission Regulation (EU) N° 231/2012 PVS Chemicals Belgium’s ammonium bisulphite is used for the production of caramel colour in food and drink production.



One of the major uses of sulphuric acid is in the manufacturing of fertilisers. In fertilizers, sulfuric acid may be used as a dehydrating agent or to alter the pH (soil acidity) level.


Sulphuric acid is used as an electrochemical reaction where it serves as an electrode. It is particularly used in the electrodes which make up the lead based acid storage battery cells for common car batteries up to high end batteries used in aviation and aerospace industries.


Graphical Industry

PVS Chemicals Belgium product is used in the graphical industry, for example to clean films.

Pulp & Paper

Sulphuric acid is one of the raw materials used in the paper and pulp industry for the production of chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizing and bleaching agent which is used for the chlorination of water.


(Petro)chemical Industry

Sulphuric acid is used to refine the extracted crude hydrocarbons as well refined products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. It’s used to remove all the organic impurities present. Also, Sulphuric acid is widely used for the extraction of sulphur from natural gas and oil since crude organic maters contain large quantities of sulphur present in the form of hydrogen sulfides.

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