The PVS Chemicals Belgium Promise

Starting from our inception in 1997, safety has been the number one core value at PVS Chemicals Belgium. We begin every week, day and task with a discussion on safety. Every employee is empowered and expected to safeguard our coworkers, contractors, visitors, and the public. The safety of our employees and our communities is paramount for us. This begins with a personal commitment, starting at the CEO-level, to no accidents, no injuries and no environmental incidents.

We are committed to operational excellence, continuous improvement and personal growth to reach our goal of top quartile safety performance. We conduct detailed and comprehensive employee orientation, and regular safety, technical and operational training to maintain our skills and knowledge. As well as product stewardship and customer outreach which ensure the safe use, handling, and disposal of our products. We work diligently with our communities and regulatory authorities to maintain open dialogue and cooperation. We invest in our people, processes, and communities in our pursuit to be the best. Our continued success is based on leadership and employee commitment to safe operations.

At PVS Chemicals Belgium, we are passionate about our work, being safety leaders and ambassadors of the chemical industry. We abide by The Nicholson Nine, our guiding principles, to be a safe and sustainable chemical provider you can trust. We look forward to partnering with you.






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Our Goal – Top Quartile Safety Performance

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